Diversified contract manufacturer of high quality, durable products

Ebel Yacht Works

High Quality wood Interior finishing

We supply luxury boat builders with beautiful, high quality wood interior.  Our finishing materials and manufactured products are perfect for your yacht interior finishing needs.

Ebel Yacht Works is a business-to-business manufacturer of high quality wood interior finishing for yachts. We bring our solutions to luxury boat building companies to provide stunning custom countertops, tables, cabinetry, doors, trims, steps and more.

Beyond yacht interior products, Ebel proudly partners with businesses to manufacture innovative products for RVs.

If your company is in need of contract manufacturing specializing in innovative panel production, welcome aboard – we’re excited to work with you.

Ebel Yacht Works

As the leader in high quality interior wood finishing in the yachting industry, we’d love to bring our solutions to your company’s luxury boats.

Wood-finished panels

We specialize in producing finished panels using lightweight and structural composite materials, like teak, sapele and afrormosia woods.

Countertops & Tables

From dining tables to custom galley countertops, our quality wood interior solutions are finished flawlessly.

Cabinetry & Doors

Beautifully crafted and timeless microwave & TV screen cabinets, wood doors, storage enclosures, and more.

trims & steps

The finishing touches that will make your customers question why they ever step foot on land.